If you would like to send ADAPT a cheque for any events or donations,

please ensure cheques are payable to ADAPT Prembabies Limited

The bank will unfortunately not accept any cheques which only state ADAPT or ADAPT Prembabies. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Whether you are able to make a large or small donation, all contributions make a difference and are appreciated by us all at ADAPT Prembabies

Simply click on the DONATE button below which will take you to our Peoples Fundraising page to safely and securely make a donation.


PLEASE NOTE: If you make a donation to ADAPT Prembabies via Peoples Fundraising please can you ensure that you add in your name or your donation will come through to us anonymously and we will not know who or where the donation has come from.

This has come about because of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws which came into force in May 2018.


Please order from Amazon Smile. It doesn't cost you a penny extra but Adapt gains.


Another way you can help Adapt raise funds without it costing you a penny. Please support us as much as you can when purchasing items from Amazon.

On your first visit to, you are prompted to select a charitable organisation from their list of eligible organisations.


Once you are registered, every time you want to order from Amazon, please go to Amazon Smile and Adapt will receive a percentage donation.




You can support Adapt by shopping online. To view a list of the items we currently have for sale on Ebay please click on the EBAY button below. 

All the funds raised by selling these goods go towards the charity. If you have any goods you would like to donate please contact us.


Do you have a car that you no longer need?

Give A Car enables you to donate your car to be scrapped or sold at an auction and the proceeds will go to Adapt.

For more information, simply visit



TerraCycle® is a crisp packet recycling scheme whereby you simply take your empty, dried out crisp packets to

7 Melba Way, Birstall, Leicester LE4 4GT, which is a public drop off location.


When you drop off your crisp packets, you will be helping the site administrator raise money for Adapt.


The public drop-off location is open Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm and Sunday 9am-8pm. Please call 07847 264 382 if you would like to donate your empty crisp packets. Thank you for your support.

For further information, please visit the TerraCycle® website.

ADAPT Crisp recycling poster  (general).


Air and Home Care Brigade accepted waste to recycle which contributes to Adapt fundraising.

Waste that is NOT accepted:


Glass air freshener cartridges

Transparent plastic bottles and caps

Caps from home cleaning and dishwashing products

Flexible plastic packaging not used for dishwasher tablets as well as washing capsules and pods

Flexible wipe packaging not used for home cleaning (such as baby and beauty wipes packaging).

This programme does not collect glass cartridges, as these can be recycled through your standard household recycling.

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